From High School to College

Maha Ghafoor, Guest Contributor

Graduating from high school is a bittersweet moment. High school is a place where you’re with people that you’ve known for a really long time. It’s normal to see your classmates be the same people from elementary and middle school, however, college isn’t really like that. In college, the faces are always very unfamiliar with people coming from all around the world. I went around Pinole Valley interviewing seniors on how they felt about their high school coming to an end and their move into bigger things like college.

I had the privilege of interviewing Annett Tamayo who has spent all of her high school years at Pinole Valley. She will be heading to UC Berkeley and majoring in Political Science with a minor in Education. When asked about how she felt, she said, “relieved.” She went on, “I am really excited! I’m a little scared of the courses because it’s going to be hard but overall I’m excited to see how I do and what happens in college.” Tamayo also stated, “Senior year is not the best year like everyone say (maybe for some but for a lot it wasn’t) don’t give up and continue trying even when it feels impossible. Hopefully, you all get into your dreams schools!!” She also mentioned if there’s any help that’s wanted by any upcoming seniors she is willing to give it.

I also had the opportunity of interviewing My Nguyen who will be heading to community college and then transferring to UC Davis to become a veterinarian. She feels excited that schools over but added, “nervous because I know that college classes are not easy, and the environment there is not like high school.” She went ahead to say, “it’s very important to finish senior year with strong grades. Push yourself to get the best grades as you can in all your classes.”

Lastly, I interviewed another senior, Phoebe Hosley, She will be heading to Stanislaus State with a double major in Political Science and Criminal Justice. “It feels amazing to know that we’ve all gotten through it.” Hosley added, “I’m excited for college because I’ve spent years working hard towards it but a little nervous to be starting over again.” When asked for advice on future seniors, Hosley said, “stay focused on your goals and push through, you’re almost there. Research schools really well to find one that fits you best.”

Overall, it seems even though some seniors are nervous they are certainly excited about what the future holds for them in their colleges. We wish you all nothing but the best!