National Honor Society Book Fair


Milan Horta, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, May 22, the National Honor Society of Pinole Valley High School held a book fair at Stewart Elementary.

The National Honor Society is a club that you can join starting sophomore year. It requires a 3.00 GPA minimum. This dedicated group of individuals travels to elementary schools in order to teach young children. “We try our best to give the kids as much knowledge as we can,” said David, a sophomore and member of NHS.

The National Honor Society also goes to the Stewart and Pinole middle schools at the conclusion of the year. They help the students figure out which classes they are going to take in their upcoming year at Pinole Valley High.

This year, NHS hosted their annual end of the year book fair at Stewart Elementary school. Throughout the year, this club teaches the budding students of Stewart math. They also read many different fun and educational stories to the children. This special book fair tradition is somewhat of a party to celebrate all of the elementary students’ hard work and willingness to learn.

At the book fair, there is a photo booth, many exciting games, and even a face painting stand! The students receive tickets, which they can use when they play a game or, for example, take a photo at the photo booth. They are able to redeem their tickets for fun prizes. Everyone gets some type of prize; no one leaves the fair empty-handed.

Of course, the most important part of it all is the free book giveaway. The Stewart Elementary students can pick out any book of their choice. Asra Hussaan, a senior and member of NHS since her sophomore year, said: “We don’t make any money from this, we do this for the kids.”

As usual, the book fair was a hit with the Stewart students. If you want to join the National Honor Society, stop by Miss Elliot’s room to learn more! It’s a challenging club, but a great way to give back to the community.