Cross country Season is Around the Corner!


The 2018-2019 Pinole Valley High School Cross Country team.

Jasmine Fallaha, Guest Contributor

Do you want to get conditioned and fit? Come join the cross country team on the track. No matter how athletic you are, the cross country team accepts new runners. Practices are held Monday-Thursday every week and meets are usually held on Thursdays.

Every year we get new runners and always work as a team to make every newcomer feel welcomed and comfortable. As a team, we consider Cross Country to be a “non-bench” sport. This means that everyone runs for the team and no one sits on the bench, everyone’s part is important.

Even though you run for the team, cross country is still considered an individual sport. You run at your own pace, mentally motivate yourself, and beat your own limits.

Cross country is a judgment-free zone. We live by that motto as we never judge anyone on the team and always encourage each other to work harder. As long as you are showing your best, we will always be happy. Each practice is held at your own pace, you are in charge of how hard you want to run and how you want the outcome of your practice to be. You can challenge yourself against other people or condition by yourself.

Not only is cross country the most mentally tough sport, but it is also the most physically straining. Running 4-5 miles a day is what to expect at each practice. You have to keep your body healthy and you do this by eating healthy and making sure to stretch after each and every practice.

The season officially starts the first day of school but we will have a couple of summer workouts. If you want to have fun this school year, come join the cross country team! We also do many fun runs and invite anyone to come join us.