One More Year For the Class of 2020


Float building is one of the many events the class of 2020 has to look forward to during their senior year.

Hope Bonillas, Guest Contributor

Class of 2020, we have one more year left of being Spartans, so make this one count. Ever since freshman year, we either dream of the day we become seniors or dread it completely. With this being said, many senior activities are coming our way. To start off our senior year we are having a senior barbecue, ending with grad night and graduation.

Considering we will be the first graduating class in the new school is a big deal. Standards are set on the overall spirit of our school. With more students attending Pinole Valley we need to show them how spirited we can be, this includes spirit weeks, Spartan Fridays, and rallies.

After the senior barbecue, we celebrate under the stars at boat cruise. This is just one of the events we will attend as a class. Homecoming for any grade level, clubs, academy, and especially football has always been full of excitement.  As we walk together as a class, we realize just how fast senior year is passing by, considering it would be our last homecoming dance, parade, and rally.

Although senior year is full of fun activities that we all can’t wait to participate in, it also involves the reality of what happens after high school. For those who plan to go to college after high school, the stress of SATs and college applications begin to rise. Thanks to programs like EAOP and our English classes, are starting us early on the involvement with college in order to help us succeed and to not procrastinate.

Therefore future seniors, make this final year count. Although we will come across many hardships and barriers, with the help of our friends, family, and teachers we will make it through this last year, good luck class of 2020.