Summer Fun

Rhoni Wilborn, Staff Writer

Summer is the best time to have fun. Not just for the students but for teachers as well…maybe. There are plenty of things we can do over the summer. Summer is our break and our time to relax and let our hair down. We can go to the beach. There are a number of fun things that can be done such as going to the beach, the movies, dinner, brunch, skateboarding, roller skating, golf, museum visits, parks, and more. Some of us might have jobs that keep us busy, which is fine too — That’s one way to not become bored.

We might get a little tired but it’s all a part of living. For the ones who have jobs, they can have fun as well on their off days. But if they clock out early enough to do something fun then that’s a plus. On the other hand, others might like to do completely nothing, just relax. And maybe some people don’t have a choice in what they have to do.

Summer is what you make it. Now that we have put hard work and dedication into this school year it is time to unwind. Hopefully, we all have nothing but fun and don’t get stressed out too much because next year will do that for us.

Summer is what we make it, So let’s make it enjoyable. Summer is one of the best times out of the year. We can dress as we feel and don’t have to worry about a dress code. And half of us can do as we feel with no one telling us we can’t. It’s almost time to live wild and free. Hopefully, the other half don’t have to do anything against our will this summer, or ever. Some of us might even watch a show we’ve been dying to watch. Let’s make this summer a summer we won’t forget!