Find the Baby!

Stephanie Jimenez, Staff Writer

Babies Everywhere!

If you are a Pinole Valley student or even a staff member, you have probably witnessed a baby laying around or just chilling on campus. Seriously, a baby! Well… a plastic baby.

Plastic babies that are usually used as part of baby shower favors are being passed around school. They are about a centimeter in length but these babies can be spotted anywhere. Whether it’s on a Starbucks cup, on a juice box or even inside a milk carton, you are likely to spot one in the most bizarre locations.

How did this come to be? Well, an anonymous student decided to buy bags of these babies from Amazon and spread them all over campus in order to have several students pass them down to one another and to post them on SnapChat. This seems to be an amazing social project.

Spotting a baby seems to brighten up many people’s day. It is not everywhere and every day you get to see a plastic baby chilling at the most random places.

Here’s a challenge for you, find as many babies as you can!