Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé


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Homecoming is a must-see for Pinole Valley High School students.

After nineteen years from when it began, Beyoncé Knowles became the first black woman to headline Coachella. Her two hour long performance threw away the name Coachella and turned it into Beychella. Starting off with a marching band, Queen Bey expressed the HBCU theme with a bang! From a roll call march to a finishing dance, Beyoncé incorporated her black culture with pride.

Want to see this? Beyoncé, writer, executive producer, and musical director herself directed a film about her process with managing the performance while being a new mother of three.

Now on Netflix, Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé shows the behind scenes of the groundbreaking performance. If you questioned why people call her the Queen Bey, this film will make you wonder why you would even think that.

If you didn’t know, Coachella runs for two weeks. Meaning Beyoncé performed the two hour performance twice. The first week, which colors theme was yellow, was live streamed on Youtube and has become the most viewed live music performance. The second week, main color pink, was only viewed by people who payed to watch her live. Many fans wondered if they would ever see the second week in HD rather than screaming fan videos.

The Homecoming film has the two weeks synced! Without even noticing the editing, performances shift from yellow and pink various times throughout the film, astounding fans of the preciseness.

Beyoncé not only included guest performers such as Jay-Z and Solange, but also reunited her iconic 2000s trio, Destiny’s Child. The music ranged from Say My Name to her latest album drop, Lemonade. Performing music from all her eras, Beyoncé played a variety of genres while incorporating a marching band, hundreds of dancers, and singers.

Besides the nonstop live singing and intense choreography, the documentary is inspiring on many levels. Not only does she show the importance of historically black colleges and universities, she includes inspirational quotes from black poets and activists.

She shared her tough journey in dealing with making this two hour performance.  Beyoncé goes deep in depth on

her dangerous pregnancy with twins and its after effects on her and her body. In 7 months she’d return to stage to give her career defining performance, showing with determination you can do whatever you want.

Along with this, the film display snippets of the painstaking rehearsals. Yet not everything is all serious. Dancers, singers, musicians, and Beyoncé herself show their excitement and playfulness while practicing.

In all the film was powerful. It represents that hard work of black culture that is usually unappreciated. With dancers of all shades and sizes, the film shows the importance and strength of black women. It is to be respected too.

Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé, streaming on Netflix on April 17, 2019, is a must-see.

“And I wanted us to be proud of not only the show but the process. Be proud of the struggle. Thankful for the beauty that comes with a painful history and rejoice in the pain” –   Beyoncé Knowles.