Feeling Stuck

Writing on demand is sometimes easy–but sometimes we run into writer’s block.

Annett Tamayo, Staff Writer

Pen? check. Notebook? check. Laptop? check. Writing? Not quite…

I’m not sure what it is but this year I have had so much trouble finding inspiration. It feels like I’m stuck in the middle of my thoughts and my notebook, or laptop. Writing articles takes so much energy out of my body, and it’s incredibly confusing. I used to seek a blank google doc, during times of frustration, and type anything about what I how I was feeling about anything.

I care about many things but I can’t seem to express how much they mean to me anymore. I cannot physically get myself to write a complete article. I’m not sure, if its because everything I want to shine a light on is covered by the mainstream media, or if It’s just my subconscious being picky with every little thing I write. I used to be able to sit down, and think of a topic that is interesting, and pursue it however, that’s not really the case anymore.

I feel like a lot of us writers struggle with finding that spark that they want to pursue, and if you have been struggling to find your spark then I’m here to tell you that I get it. I understand, and you’re not alone.

Writer’s block is the inability to write or think about a topic to write about. Apparently, Writer’s block usually lasts for a few weeks, but sometimes it can take months or years to find the right inspiration. Mine feels like it’s an ongoing inability to write that I constantly feel every day.

Feeling inspired for 2 seconds, and then completely losing your train of thought is completely real, but everything happens when it’s supposed to. Just go at your own pace, and you’ll find the muse to your writing.