Pinole Valley Taken Over by 99.7 NOW!

Gina Gallia, Staff Writer

It’s become a favorite tradition for Pinole Valley to receive a visit from the Bay Area’s number 1 hit music station, 99.7 NOW! On Friday, April 26, 2019 they returned to show that regardless of our campus, our students know how to have fun. Students were gathered together outside of the science classrooms crowding around, hyping each other up showing off their best moves to the latest Bay Area hits.

It was the perfect Friday. The sun was out, music was playing, and the sophomore class was holding a pie-a-teacher fundraiser. People from the radio station were all over the lunch area taking pictures of the students to showcase how fun the event was on their website. Check out those pictures here!

This day always shows the musical spirit Pinole has carried for years and if you missed it this year, I hope you are not a senior so you can experience it next year!