Pinole Valley Track Team


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The Pinole Valley High School track team features a hard-working crew of talented athletes.

Kiana Ware and Catherine Johnson, Staff Writers

This past week, Our Pinole Valley Track Team took various victories. Some even set their P.R. (personal record.) Our athletes start off a regular meet by doing their warm-ups and stretching, with their PVHS gear. After doing that, checking in for their events. And of course, whenever someone from our team is running, the rest of our Pinole Valley track team cheers the runner on! Hopefully, our runners make it through all the league meets, because championships are right around the corner.

There many events that our runners excel in! This including the 100-meter dash, 200-meter dash, the 400 meters, and the long jump. The 100-meter dash is very popular, and our runners tend to run that a lot. It is set up to be a short distance, but just enough distance to show off your speed. The 400-meter run is another race that some of our athletes run very well. That is actually one of our runners best race, his name is Jaheim Hill. He has his technique and knows how to run it in order to win the race. Another one of our good runners is Cornell Davis. He is one to really show off his speed during the 100- and 200-meter dashes, coming in first in almost all of his races. Our boys’ relay team also comes in first in almost all of their races! Our boys’ relay team includes 4 of our JV runners. Though I did not name everyone’s name, all of our runners do great in every one in their races.  

Though the season is almost over, we will try our best to get as far as we can in the league meets. Possibly even making it to the championships. Everyone on our Pinole Valley track team has a lot of potential and want to play this sport. Which is most of what you need. If you have an encouraging mindset, you will do good in this sport. And though the season is nearly over, Next season will come faster than you think!