Looking Ahead to the New School


Maha Ghafoor

Senior Phoebe Hosley spend her entire PVHS career in the portables.

Maha Ghafoor, Student Contributor

This school year ends in less than two months. Throughout the years we have seen the new school slowly being built. Finally, this next school year we will have the opportunity to see the newly completed school. While seeing the school under construction, the anticipation for the students to experience it has increased. While going around Pinole Valley interviewing students about their opinion, I found that most students are looking forward to experiencing the new school.

I had the privilege of interviewing freshman Olivia Lubinger who has been in the portables for about one year. She went ahead to say, “I’m so excited to have the new school, coming every day and seeing new progress really builds the anticipation! I’m also nervous because it seems huge and I feel I might get lost at first!” She later added about the portables, “it’s not as bad.”

I also had the privilege of interviewing two juniors who have spent the last three years of their high school careers in portables and are eager to have the new school. Thais Macias said, “I’m excited. It’s a fresh start. I’m excited to have a new school.”

Ngoc “June” Nguyen went ahead to say, “I’m excited for new classrooms and opportunities the new school will offer.” She commented on the portables saying, “It’s terrible during the rain.”

Lastly, I interviewed one senior who has spent her whole high school career in portables, Phoebe Hosley. She said, “my high school career in portables has actually gone better than expected. I think the students here have come to make the campus their own with their art and even though we don’t have a big building or anything (yet) we have still have been able to do so much as any other school.”

Overall, students are anticipating the many new opportunities and experiences there will be at the new school. The suspense has been high, but now that it’s almost here, students can’t wait!