Mount Hermon Adventures

Maliyah-Denay Hart, Guest Contributor

On March 21st, the Health Academy juniors went on a field trip to Mount Hermon Adventures. It was a 3-hour trip but it was well worth it because this was a great opportunity to learn about our classmates, ourselves, and the extent of our fears. Everyone who attended the field trip stepped out of their comfort zone and participated in the obstacle courses 80 feet above the forest floors. Before we got to do that, we first did group activities where we learned more about communication, our comfort zone, and crushing habits of making everything a competition.

When we began the obstacle courses, everyone feared for their life (even though there was no reason to) and did not want to take the difficult path. Once everyone got used to it, we were all laughing and enjoying our time, challenging ourselves to take paths and obstacles we would not normally do. Although we might have been afraid, we were all challenging ourselves but not to the point where we would have to be rescued by a guide. We were surrounded by our fellow classmates which really pushed us to keep going.

At the end of the obstacles, we were able to choose whether or not we wanted to free fall 65 feet to our doom… but we were not actually free falling and it did not lead to our doom but led us to our friends waiting for us at the bottom. We were connected to a device which would let us fall for about 5 feet then lower us down slowly. The majority of students stepped off the board with ease but a few students, including me, had trouble bringing ourselves to do it. Personally, I was consumed by fear and although I knew the equipment would catch me and bring me down safely, I was still hesitant. It was scary, but I’m glad I did it because jumping off a 65-foot fall is an opportunity I most likely will never have again… hopefully.

I am so proud of the junior Health Academy class for facing their fears and getting out of their comfort zone. This was one of the greatest field trips I have been on and I feel that our class has a closer bond with each other after this event. I am glad we were able to go and make so many great memories that we will never forget.