Senior Memories

The memories that made high school bearable


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Pinole Valley Seniors! Take a nostalgic trip down Memory Lane.

Gina Gallia, Staff Writer

From famous alumni to almost having to kayak to class, Pinole Valley High has always been a place where amazing memories are made. Every single person I asked, paused before they told me what their favorite memory was. They all had the same look on their face. I could tell that they were going through the filing cabinets of their minds to seek out the memory that stands out the most to them. They usually sputtered out a few memories until they got to their actual favorite.  Let’s take a look into the minds of some current seniors here at Pinole and see what memories they cherish the most at this school.

Our first bunch of memories comes from senior Emma Lubinger. When I asked her what her favorite school-related memory was, she said, “Disneyland with the band freshman year for sure! I went for symphonic band and it was an honor to be chosen because only three freshmen were selected. Another favorite memory of mine comes from my senior year and that was sports-med with Mr. O’Shea. I’ll always remember running out on the field with O’Shea at the Friday night football games. We bonded a lot. I even ended up inviting him to my future wedding! I was really lucky to get to know Mr. O’Shea like that. Do it if you get the chance! Oh, man and float building! That was so much fun. I hung out with so many people I didn’t usually hang out with and we bonded super close. Lots of laughs and late nights. Lots of memories here at Pinole… I forget how much time I spent here. It’s going to be crazy to start a new chapter. I’ll always cherish all these memories.”  

Senior Miguel Valencia also had a memory that took place on the football field, but it was a completely different kind. He said, “After being here for 4 years, I think my favorite memory here is going to the Multicultural rallies. We had them once a year and I always liked to go. It’s cool to see other people express their cultures and I appreciate that our school takes the time to do this. It’s definitely the best rally of them all.” 

Now, let’s hear from senior Stephanie Jimenez, “My favorite memory would have to be senior year during cross country when we ran reverse chalk hill. We got lost and were running around the hill all over the place to find out way back to the school. We ended up really deep into Hercules and it was the longest walk in my life. Once we got back to the school everyone had left practice already and the laughs my teammates and I shared during that practice, I will remember forever.” 

After asking the senior class president, Yassna Ahmadi, she said, “I think that creating and giving a speech at the anti-gun violence memorial in honor of the Parkland shooting victims in March 2018 was probably my favorite memory at the school!” 

Senior Angela Espinosa got very excited when I asked her what hers was. She said, “There are so many but the one I remember the most is Junior year when the Law academy went on a field trip to Alcatraz and got to spend time together at Pier 39 while eating soup in our bread bowls. I really enjoyed that trip because I developed greater friendships with my classmates. The law academy has given me so many amazing opportunities to make unforgettable memories and I’ll always be grateful for that!” 

Ryan Armstrong, “My favorite moment here was when we had a movie night on the field. Watching Black Panther while on the football field at night time was so fun even though it as cold and chaotic.”

Taking the time to look back on the years we spent here is an important thing to do because it allows you to be able to appreciate the good things in life. Huge thank you to everyone who shared their favorite memories here at PV. A school is nothing without great students and staff, and luckily, ours are amazing!