3rd Week of March Scholarships

Barbara Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Hello Spartans. There are more scholarships this week. I hope one catches your eye. Here they are:

  • First, there is the Jerry Deuker scholarship. It’s for a great school citizen. If you’re a Senior who has demonstrated the qualities of Leadership, Potential and Community, and are in financial need, you are eligible to receive one of a handful of $2500 scholarships.  You would need to write a 1-2 page essay telling the committee about yourself, describing the world you came from(family, community, school), your vision of the future(what you hope to achieve and how you may do it), and include information about what you have done for Pinole Valley High or what you’ve done for the community. The deadline is April 12th, and you would have to submit it to the front office(building 4). Or if you want more information check out building 4, on campus.
  • Second, there is the Jewish Family and Children’s Services Scholarship. This is mostly for seniors and you can win $1500, the deadline is August 1st of 2019. Check out the link for more details
  • Finally, there is the Paradigm Challenge. This is for any student up to the age of 18, and you can earn up to $100,000. You may work in a team or alone in creating an original and creative way to help solve real-life problems in homes, schools, communities, and/or around the world. Entries may come in the form of posters, videos, inventions, messages, community events, websites, mobile apps, or anything else that will help save lives. Additionally, you must submit a brief statement of your idea (140 characters or less) in order to qualify for this award. The deadline is May 1st. So, check out the link if you’re interested.

Those are the scholarships for this week. So, if one caught your eye, try to apply for it. Have a great week.