Can March End Already?

Waiting for college decisions can be an agonizing process for seniors.

March can be anxiety season for seniors who are waiting for college decisions.

Spartan Ink staff via

March can be anxiety season for seniors who are waiting for college decisions.

Annett Tamayo, Staff Writer

I feel like it has been March for years now. Every single day I wake up, ecstatic that it’s a day closer to the end of March. Waiting for college decisions has been an emotional roller coaster. I’ve feel extremely anxious one minute because my future is dependent on this email/letter, but I feel oddly calm the next minute as if I had already accepted my faith.

The Process Of College Applications:

I began my college applications in late May when I started writing my personal insight questions. It took me six months to perfect them, which included destroying them numerous times. These essays were really important to me because they are my story. It was the thing that I’ve worked so hard to create therefore, it was really important to me that I portrayed my story in a beautiful piece of writing.

Working on college applications has probably been the most draining thing I’ve done all school year. Putting hours of effort into describing myself while also reminiscing on all of the good I’ve done throughout high school really took a toll on me for some reason.

Clicking submit:

Applications were due on November 30th. I had them done a week or two before, but my nerves and the constant fear of pursuing something that I’ve dreamt about for years made me reluctant to hit the big submit button. Before I clicked submit on November 28th, I read my whole application an extra 5,000 times. I think that this point in the college application process was the hardest because I had accepted the fact that I’ve tried my best in school, and this is what it was all for, my dream schools. 

Waiting for decisions:

I applied to four UC’s, one state and plenty of private schools. Due to the fact that I applied to private schools, some of my decisions came in early November because of the early action program. However, three-fourths of the schools that I applied to don’t release decisions until March.

You can imagine how nervous I’ve been. All of my dreams in regards to schools are coming to an end. It’s getting finalized now and I think that that’s the most impacting of this whole waiting process; realizing that this is what I’ve worked so hard for. 

We’ve all done what we could at this point, and putting it all out into the universe has been such a big moment and we should all be proud of it!