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Glendy Jimenez, Staff Writer

The Sun is one of the most important things we humans need to survive. Without the sun we would all die in approximately 8 minutes and 20 seconds until we freeze to death. The question is what would you do in your last 8 minutes 20 seconds? It’s your last few breaths, choose wisely.


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Name: Devon Gordon

Grade: 9th

Response: “I would go to sleep so I wouldn’t feel it. I’ll also put on a lot of blankets so I could stay warm. Sleeping is the most peaceful way to die.”


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Name: Maurice Savage

Grade: 9th

Response: “If the world were to end I would want to say all my goodbyes. Once I say all those goodbyes, I would look for my mom, she’s the person I want to be with when we all die.”


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Name: Pardeep Dhami

Grade: 10th

Response: “I would want to say bye and I love you to everyone, once I’m saying all my goodbyes I want to go in my car and put fireworks in the car, then I will drive off a cliff.”


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Name: Angel Gomez

Grade: 11th

Response: “I want to get chased by the cops.”


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Name: Gina Gallia

Grade: 12th

Response: “I would open all the cages in the Zoo. I want all the animals to be free for their last 8 minutes. I will later hop in my private helicopter and shave my head. Once I’m very high I will go skydiving.”


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Name: Stephanie Jimenez

Grade: 12th

Response: “I would go to Target and take a bunch of stuff, I will also take all the heaters so I could live longer. Also since I’m allergic to nuts, I’m going to eat nuts until I die.”


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Name: Emma Lubinger

Grade: 12th

Response: “I would make a call to someone important, tell them I love them and they’re important to me, and everything will be okay.”


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Name: Mr.Heyward

Response: “Don’t we have more time than that?”

As you can see everyone has a different response, whether it’s “wow could you do that in 8 minutes”, or “that’s so cute” and even “can’t you just answer the question?”, everyone wants to die in different ways.