School Breaks


Rhoni Wilborn, Staff Writer

Any break in school is very much needed for people who attend school, whether in high school or college. Having a break every now and then releases stress for everyone. Breaks are needed so people can gather their thoughts and reorganize or try to reroute whatever they have going on in their lives. They can focus on other things that might come up without having their minds on homework or classwork that was not completed a day or two ago. However, everyone is different.

Some people prefer to do makeup work on their breaks which is okay too, but a lot of people just like to unwind.

There’s a lot one can do on a break like focusing on family or personal matters at those times. Either it’s Spring break, Winter break, Thanksgiving, Presidents’ Week, or any other break you may have. During the breaks, people can focus on self-care and anything else one can think of. A lot of people spend their break out of town or state. These are the times in the school year a lot of people enjoy, they can spend time with their friends and family and have good times.