Stay Healthy, Spartans!

Rhoni Wilborn, Staff Writer

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When people think about health they tend to think, “Too much work!” To some, it’s just easier to eat unhealthy, to just throw something in their mouths without thinking about the calories, sugar, and so forth, especially on the go. To be honest, it does take time and determination, effort, and a willingness to eat healthily. Not saying that you don’t deserve a treat every once in a while if you just have to have something sweet. Some people have cheat days as they call them. That’s when you eat something unhealthy that does not agree with their diet/health.

I know some people drink veggie juice or end up making their own healthy drink with fruit, soy milk, yogurt, and whatever else they prefer. Other people make their drinks with all kinds of vegetables from kale to carrots, turmeric, ginger, spinach, beets, and so on. Many people prefer to drink green tea because it’s healthier. Water can do the body good too. Water keep stuff flowing in the body and washes everything down. And, of course, many people workout.

Staying fit and eating healthy is a good thing. It’s something to be proud of. You can most likely gain other things from it like glowing skin.  It can reduce heart disease. Overall I think everyone should exercise and eat well.