3rd Week of January Scholarships

Barbara Gonzalez, Staff Scholarships Writer

Hello, Spartans out there. There’s another week of scholarships because there are always scholarships. I know I always start with the same simple intro, but I got to start off with something. Ya’ll are just waiting for them opportunities that stand out to you. So, here are some:

  • The Bay Front Chamber of Commerce has a scholarship. They’ve promised a Spartan senior a prize based on the response to the essay; “Why Business Matters.” Turn in a 500-word piece and you can win. Visit, https://www.collegexpress.com/scholarships/bay-area-chamber-of-commerce-foundation-scholarship/2019316/, for more information.
  • There’s a scholarship for dog lovers out there. How much do you love your dog?  Write a 400-500 word essay and the Rover Foundation can hook you up with $2500, details in building 4 or visit, https://www.rover.com/college-scholarship/.

  • Finally, there’s the classic doodle for Google scholarship for those artists out there. Their 2019 theme invites you to show what you hope for in your future. Visit, https://doodles.google.com/d4g/ for a fun little cite that informs you on this year’s theme in a bit more detail, and for you to enter. Deadline is March 18th.

And those are this week’s scholarships. Hope one stood out to you, I know the Doodle for Google always stands out. Maybe I’ll try it for fun, or not. Who knows? Hope you all have a good week, and try applying to those scholarships.