Juice Cleanse With Me!

The new year inspired me to take on something very difficult. I wanted to start the year clean and what better way to do that than to do a juice cleanse.

I love to eat. I eat when I’m bored, I eat when I see other people eating, I eat all the time really so this was hard. I ordered a 3 day cleanse and two days into it, I may or may not have cheated.

I was super excited to do it so I did my research and found a place that delivers the cleanse right to your door. The cool thing about Juice by Julie is that they blend the ingredients together to make the juice instead of pressing it into juiced. By doing this, the juice contains much more vitamins and nutrients than pressed juice does.

Lets get into the actual cleanse:

I drank this one in place of breakfast at 7:30 am before heading to school. It was super sweet and you could hardly taste the greens. About an hour after consuming, I felt more energized than I do after drinking a cup of coffee. It was the perfect way to kick off the cleanse.

I began to feel hungry again around 9:30 so I went ahead and drank juice number 2. This one didn’t satisfy my hunger but it was super tasty and felt fun to drink. It tasted just like sour lemonade. After 2 great tasting juices, I felt like nothing was going to stop me.

Hunger kicked in early around 10:30 but I was able to wait an extra hour before consuming drink number 3. This one was the worst one so far and drinking it was not fun. The ginger in the juice was so strong it tasted like the only ingredient. It took me 45 minutes to drink the majority of it and finally, I just threw the rest away. I was starting to miss food already as everyone around me was snacking on chips and eating their lunches.

I waited until 2:00 pm for my next juice because I wanted to make sure I had enough for the rest of my night. This one was super tasty and filling thanks to the chia seeds. It definitely made me feel better and got rid of the doubts I was having about going through with the cleanse. About an hour after drinking it, I felt energized again and still full.
Finally, I drank the final juice for the day at 6:00 pm and this one was the best of all. It again was super fresh and filling. This one had to be my favorite because of the tasty watermelon. It was a perfect drink to end the night.

The next day I repeated the same process. Everything was going great so before my final juice, I decided to go the gym. I got there around 5:00 pm and I was feeling so great that I decided to do Leg Day (a workout focusing on the leg muscles) and that was a huge mistake. My muscles and body felt starving for more than just a juice. They wanted protein and carbs and everything in my kitchen. I drank the juice around 6:30 pm and it just wasn’t enough so I ended my juice cleanse early and ate some tacos. I definitely think if I didn’t go to the gym, that I would have been able to finish the cleanse. I ended up freezing the rest of the juices that I was supposed to drink on day 3. I’m going to save them for another time. Thanks for listening to my journey! I hope your new year has been as fresh as mine!