How to survive Portable Valley during the rainy season

How to survive Portable Valley during the rainy season

Gina Gallia and Emma Lubinger

Rain is fantastic when you can curl up under a pile of blankets in your bed listening to the gentle pitter-patter of droplets on your rooftop, but when you have to go outdoors, your opinion probably changes pretty quick. 

It’s no secret that our school isn’t fit for foul weather and with the Bay Area’s bipolar climate, unplanned rain and a portable campus is a recipe for cold feet and soggy socks. 

Luckily, we are here to help you avoid this unpleasant dilemma along with a few other tips to make your life easier. 

Tip #1 -Rain boots are a wonderful investment. However, if you can’t afford galoshes, fuzzy socks and shoes with thick soles are a fantastic backup option.

Tip #2 – Layers. Are. Essential. What I mean by that is to wear a shirt, hoodie, and raincoat that way you can peel back a layer if you start to overheat. Dressing like this is a must or you’ll be soaked by rain in the morning and scorched by the sun in the afternoon underneath your coat.

Tip #3 – Don’t bring an umbrella and expect it to keep you dry! The number of deceased umbrellas around campus is surprisingly high due to the strong winds of the valley. So if you’re going to bring an umbrella, grip it tightly and make sure it’s a sturdy one. 

Tip #4 – For anyone with long hair, this one is for you. Frizz is like the rain’s sidekick. Rain can’t go anywhere without it to wreck our hair. The best way to avoid looking like you got electrocuted is to slick back that hair into a bun, ponytail, or braid. It’s a super quick and easy hairstyle. Grab a brush, throw some water, hairspray or gel on it, tie it up and you should be ready to defy the laws of frizz.

And that’s how we float in Pinole during the rainy season!