Best of PVHS 2018

A lot can happen in a year at Pinole Valley High School

Pinole Valley has had many highlights this year. As 2018 comes to its end, let’s look back on the memories and appreciate the best of 2018 at Pinole Valley High School.

  • Poetry Out Loud: Every year, Pinole Valley High School has a schoolwide poetry competition to seek out the school’s greatest poet. This year, Emma Lubinger was number 1. She went on to the countywide competition where she placed 2nd place and Pinole Valley was oh so proud.
  • Prom 2k18: Hollywood themed and held in the Black Hawk Museum in San Ramon, Prom was a night to remember. Everyone one was dressed in formal attire to attend a pleasant buffet of food along with a dance with friends and fellow classmates.
  • 99.7 School Take Over: Famous DJ Strawberry from the Bay’s number one hit music station 99.7 NOW!, made a trip to Pinole Valley High to takeover lunchtime with games and music.  The fun didn’t stop there though! Later that day, a few lucky Spartans got to travel to the radio station itself and take over the radio with their favorite songs to show some PVHS originality to the whole Bay Area.
  • Movie on the Field: Everyone loves a good Marvel movie and to make it even better, students and families gathered on PVHS turf to watch the popular Black Panther movie together. 
  • Gun Violence Rally: Led by student Yassna and the Political Revolution Club, a rally where students expressed their 1st amendment right came to be. By arranging a Gun Violence rally to pay tribute to those lives lost in the Florida shooting, students spread awareness for necessary change.
  • Volleyball Season: Undefeated in league, the girls’ volleyball team had a successful season.
  • Football Season: 2018 was the first season in many years to be undefeated as the Spartan spirit soared to an ultimate high.
  • Tennis TCal: Senior Madison Goff won the league tennis title and Pinole Valley couldn’t be more proud.
  • Homecoming: On September 26th, Pinole Valley High School had their 2018 Homecoming. Homecoming started at 6 p.m. at Pinole Middle School. There was drinks, food, music and many people from each grade. Many people were dancing along and having fun. Near the end the Homecoming Queen, Stephanie Jimenez, and the Homecoming King, Andrew Hua danced together along with the other court. It was legitness.
  • PSAT/SAT School Day: On October 10th, Pinole Valley participated in the nationwide annual SAT school day. Sophomores and Juniors took the practice SAT (PSAT) to prepare for the actual SAT. Seniors, on the other hand, took the challenging SAT. The day was a huge step for their path to college.
  • Blood, Food and Toy Drive: Pinole Valley is always working together as a school to help make a change. Throughout the year, there have been multiple opportunities for students to contribute to the community. For example, there was a blood drive when students donated liters of blood for a good cause. In addition to the blood drive, PVHS leadership also set out large bins to collect donated food cans and toys to people in need. Kudos to those who helped out!