Interview With Coach O’Shea


Photo by Tyler Momoa, staff reporter.

Dan O’Shea, coach of the Pinole Valley High School golf team.

Tyler Momono, Staff Writer

How long have you been the golf coach?

Coach O’Shea has been the golf coach at Pinole Valley High School for 7 years and this upcoming season will be his 8th.

Why do you enjoy being the golf coach?

He likes the mental challenge and how hard it is to perform on different golf courses, weather conditions, also how hard it is to hit every shot well. Also, golf is a sport that you can play no matter what age you are. He likes the challenge in trying to improve at golf.

How has the golf program grown since you started?

He has always started off with one or two decent players but to compete with the other high schools you need 5 people who are decent. Mostly starts with golfers who have never played before. Coach O’Shea got Paul Johnson from being a beginner to being a consistent golfer when he became a senior.

How do you think the upcoming season is gonna be?

Coach O’Shea has some beginners and some who are on there second year of playing golf and sometimes gets kids who actually have played golf outside of school. He said when he gets kids who are beginners as a Freshman if they stick with golf by their senior year they will be a decent golfer if they practice every day that practice is scheduled and also if they practice on their own time too.

How do you think you can get more people interested in golf?

Coach O’Shea sets up the golf net every so often to get kids to come over and see what it is and maybe even get interested in golf. Most people that join the golf team is when they get told that there is a golf program. Coach O’Shea’s goal from all the kids he gets is getting kids committed to actually playing golf and actually wanting to learn and get better at golf.