Rhoni Wilborn, Staff Writer

Ms. Lamons Mr. McConico and Ms. Stewart are the sponsors of African American Student Union (AASU) here at Pinole Valley High School, which is open to all every Tuesday at lunch in room 8. Anyone can stop by then and talk to Ms.Lamons about being a part of AASU.

AASU is about helping students strive in life and in school and we all encourage one another. You can take a lot from this club and apply it to your daily life such as leadership, more responsibility, teamwork, confidence, respect, and much more.

The first African American Student Union, aka AASU or BSU, at any school was founded in 1968 at San Francisco State University. Now there are branches at schools all over the world. 

Before Ms.Lamons became the sponsor of Pinole Valley High School’s AASU,  Michael Fuller was responsible for the club. Ms.Lamons is one of three faculty sponsors who take responsibility for this club. Ms.Lamons has been the sponsor our AASU for 16 years. Later came Ms.Stewart, who has served the club for more than ten years, and Mr.McConico, who came in 2017. These faculty sponsors hold students to high standards.

AASU’s mission is to inform young African American students that they are supported in anything they want to do. AASU is open to all African American students who need to talk about whatever they’re going through, what they need help with, and whatever moral support they need. It’s all about grades and college at Pinole. This club is a group of proud and smart young adults. 

AASU also fundraises so students can take educational field trips. The club has plans to visit City College, San Jose College, The  Richmond museum and possibly Oakland museum.

At Pinole Valley High School, our AASU is open to all. This club does not discriminate. It welcomes every and anyone.