The Day of the Dead – A celebration of life in death


Justin De Leon, Staff Writer

The Day of the Dead, formally known in Spanish as Dia de Los Muertos, is a celebration of life and a celebration of those who have passed that were near and dear to us. Ms.Alma, the coordinator of the Day of the Dead celebration, celebrates Dia de Los Muertos in order to celebrate the life her parents lived. She says, “I want this celebration to have a legacy here in PV and I want the students to be able to remember and cherish those who have passed that were near and dear to their hearts.” The celebration had an abundance of color and a lively feeling that was present throughout the whole event.

The celebration was accompanied by wonderful foods that brightened up many students lunches. There were traditional dishes such as tamales and pan dulce that was accompanied by Arroz en Leche and Mexican hot chocolate. The gold room in which the celebration was held was turned into a vibrant and colorful celebration of life. There was a beautiful altar that encompassed what the day is about. In order to truly understand the Day of the Dead here is a brief history

El Dia de Los Muertos is a celebration that dates back thousands of years ago and was celebrated by the ancient civilizations of Mexico. It starts on the 31st of October and ends on the 2nd of November. Traditionally, skulls and bright decorative paper known as papel picado are used to adorn altars that are made for family members that have passed on. Offerings, known as ofrendas, to those who have passed are usually based who they were. Children are usually offered toys while adults and elders get offered food and things they may have enjoyed when they were alive. All in all, this celebration will live on, and we hope to celebrate happily on the next Dia de Los Muertos.