Get Organized!

Get Organized!

Catherine Johnson and Calista McClinon, Staff Writers

Many students in high school need help with being organized. Not being organized can lead to not turning in your work in and failing due to lost or unfinished papers. Being organized can help you get better grades and pass the class.

There are many ways you can be organized and responsible. Some tips you can follow to be organized are:

  1. Don’t procrastinate
  2. Write everything down.
  3. Clean out your binder/folders every quarter
  4. Don’t multitask; focus on one thing at a time.

You can use these four ways to stay organized and make sure your work is well done and complete.

One definite way to stay organized is don’t procrastinate. Procrastination can lead to you just not doing an assignment at all. Most of the reasons people procrastinate are that they tend to be lazy, disorganized, don’t know how to complete the assignment or task, or they honestly don’t care enough to do what they need to do. Some people just fear to fail or do the task wrong. When you procrastinate you don’t have enough time to complete the assignment or task u need to finish. When you don’t have enough time you don’t do as well as you could have. With enough time you can submit your best piece of work.

Another way you can be organized is to make sure you write down everything. There is no such thing as too many notes. Anything the teacher or instructor writes down can help you and your grade in some way. You can use the notes to help you study and help you pass the test or assignment. Making sure you keep everything which includes all your old test/quizzes, classwork and homework from the previous quarter can also help you stay organized. You should keep all your work and make sure that you got all of the credit for every single one of those assignments because you never know what can happen. The teacher could lose your work or put the score in incorrectly.

After your work or assignment have been put in before the quarter has ended you should clean out your folder and or binder at the end of every quarter. This will help a lot with staying organized because by the time next quarter comes around you will be able to find all your work very easily.

Finally, the last tip is don’t multitask. Focus on one thing at a time. By you focusing on your assignment you put all of your attention to it and you can be able to put forth your best work. Also by focusing things ahead of time of the due date can help because it lifts some stress, for later on in the future. A good idea would be to constantly use a planner or something that u can write your daily assignments so that you know exactly what needs to get done.