Recommendation: Academic Diary


Stephanie Jimenez, Staff Writer

Take it from me, a senior filling out college apps that require personal statements and PIQ’s. Starting from scratch and looking back on obstacles I’ve overcome is a pain. I constantly think to myself, “Why didn’t I write down all my significant academic accomplishments and extracurricular activities down? Or even just a journal filled with personal events that impacted my life?” That would have made my life so much easier working on college applications by helping me refresh my memory.

Here’s my recommendation to you freshmen, sophomores, and juniors: buy a journal and stock up on a few colorful pens, sticky notes, and highlighters. Organization is very important. By the time the journal is useful, you will not remember the exact thoughts you were thinking at that specific moment. Therefore, make sure to make it look as neat and organized as possible.

Use many details and strong verbs when you write. Color coat everything. Having a color key can be an easy way to organize key points or ideas. Writing down dates is also very important in order for you to keep it in chronological order.

I believe you all are capable of creating such an essential tool! Be creative and practice your writing. I promise it will be very useful.

Format for your journal I recommend: Bullet Journal