Warning: Pet Peeves

This will make you cringe.

Warning: Pet Peeves

Imagine you are doing a daily activity, minding your own business and all of a sudden a friend comes up to you. They mention that they have something urgent to tell you. You prepare yourself to process what they are about to tell you. After a split second of silence, they tell you to never mind what they were going to say because it is not important. You are now triggered because they did not deliver with information. You find it very annoying. Guess what? That is one of your Pet Peeves.


Pet Peeves (n) – something that a particular person finds especially annoying


Pet Peeves, we all have them. Most of us have some in common. Here are some examples students, teachers and staff at Pinole Valley share. Can you relate?


  • Annett Tamayo:

Relation: Pinole Valley Senior

Pet Peeve: When people start a sentence and don’t finish it.

Example: “OMG there’s something I want to tell you… actually never-mind.”

Her thoughts: “If you don’t want to say something don’t say it at all.”


  •  Gina Gallia:

Relation: Pinole Valley Senior

Pet Peeve: When people leave the toilet seat up.

Example: When you walk into a bathroom and the seat is completely up.

Her thoughts: “It’s not that hard to just put it down.”


  • Glendy Jimenez:

Relation: Pinole Valley Freshman

Pet Peeve: When people argue with teachers.

Example: When a teacher asks a student to move seats but they refuse and talk back.

Her thoughts: “It’s not cool and you guys are annoying for that.”


  • Mr.Bedwell:

Relation: Pinole Valley CSU, Literature and Journalism teacher

Pet Peeve: When people wear cologne / perfume so thick that it invades your personal space.

Example: You are picking fruit at the store and a stranger walks past you with strong cologne that sticks with you for the rest of the day.

Thoughts: “You are driving the wrong kind of attention. Tone it down.”


  • Ryan Armstrong:

Relation: Pinole Valley Senior

Pet Peeve: When people have the notification flash activated.

Example: You are in a class watching a movie and someone’s phone keeps going off.

Thoughts: “Be like normal people. Just have a vibration on. It’s not necessary.”


  • Settah Mathavongsy:

Relation: Pinole Valley Sophomore

Pet Peeve: When you hold the door open for someone and they do not say thank you.

Example: When you’re in a rush but you are a kind soul, so you still hold the door open for the person behind you.

Thoughts: “Stop taking advantage of my kindness.”


  • Uchenna Hernandez:

Relation: Pinole Valley Junior

Pet Peeve: When people think you’re lying when you’re obviously not.

Example: If you are telling someone a story and they keep assuming you are not being frank.

Thoughts: “It’s rude. Why would I lie?”