2nd Week of October Scholarships

Barbara Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Another week of announced opportunities. Kibby always has new ones to talk about. It’s been a busy week of homework and testing, but here’s another update on scholarships. 

  • If you’re a senior who can play an instrument or sing, the Young Musicians Foundation offering a scholarship with a $1,000 prize. You can check it out at the office in building 4. Or visit the website, http://www.ymf.org/david-weiss-scholarship.html, and check it out online.
  • There’s the CAP Bay Area Scholarship for graduating seniors who are planning to go to a four year college or university. Here’s the link for the information. Look for the application in building 4 or sign up to the website, https://making-waves.academicworks.com/opportunities/96, and get a hold of the general application yourself.
  • Don’t forget there’s the college expo at the YMCA in Berkeley on Saturday, October 13th, which is tomorrow. It’s from 11-2pm and is free access and charge.

Enjoy your weekend guys. It’s still the beginning of the school year and there are always things to do. But never forget about your well being.