What To Do On Halloween


Glendy Jimenez, Staff Writer

What To Do On Halloween

Halloween. Halloween is the day you could dress up any way you like and you could become someone different for the day. Halloween is also the day where everyone goes out at night and has fun. But if you’re like me and very indecisive and doesn’t know what to do on Halloween night, here are some ideas on what to do!

Trick or treating. Trick or Treating is a Halloween tradition when children, teenagers, or/and adults travel from house to house and collect candy while saying “trick or treat”. While trick or treating you wear a costume and walk to houses to collect candy. Usually, at the end of the night, you have already collected much candy. Trick or treating is very fun whether you trick or treat with friends or family. It’s cool to see others in their costume while trick or treating. Trick or treating is a fun activity to do if you love going outside!

If you want to do a little more than trick or treating, hosting or going to a Halloween party would be another great activity to do. You could do a Halloween costume theme party. Serve cool and delicious food everyone loves! A good idea would be decorating the food with the theme of the party. While hosting a party the most important things are the decorations, music, and games! Having a cool Halloween party theme would be so cute everyone will love! AT a Halloween Party you want to play music people know, love and could dance too! Wouldn’t be a party without music am I right? Last but not least are games! Having games at the party would make the party more fun. Whether it’s having a costume contest, who could eat a pie the fastest, pumpkin carving, pin the bow on the skeleton, and toilet paper mummy , all are good ideas. Invite your friends or even family and have the time of your life!

If you don’t want to go trick or treating or hosting/going to a Halloween party because you want to get a little scare, there’s always Fright Fest in Six Flags and Halloween Haunt in Great America. Every year , towards the end of September these two theme parks prepare for Halloween and decorate the whole park making them look haunted and having people scare you while your walking. They also have haunted houses that are really scary. If you love getting scared or if your “NoT ScArEd Of AnYtHInG” and want to take a family member or friend , Six Flags or/and Great America is the place to go. You’ll have a really fun time!   

If you’re not interested in going out but you want to do something fun indoors, a good idea is binge watch on Netflix , youtube videos , and/or old videos. You could also bake cookies or cupcakes and decorate them into something spooky. You could carve a pumpkin, have a sleepover or eat all the candy you’re giving out and regret it later. All these things are fun and easy things to do. If none of this interest you , you could also just scare the trick or treaters. Do whatever floats your boat!

If you’re busy on Halloween or have plans but want to do something before here are some fun events nearby.

San Francisco events:

  • Speakeasy Cruise (10/27)
  • Welcome to the Freak Show (10/27)

Oakland Events:

  • “Boo at Zoo” at the Oakland Zoo (10/27-10/28)
  • Monster’s Bash 2018 (10/27)
  • Annual Haunted Halloween Party at Wag Hotel (10/27)
  • Boo! Bark, Brews + Bites (10/27)
  • Music and Monsters at a nightmare on 14th street (10/27)
  • Fear Overload Haunted House (10/27)

Berkeley , Walnut Creek , and Other East Bay Events:

  • The Best East Bay Halloween Party in San Ramon (10/26)
  • The Not-Too-Spooky Halloween in Berkeley (10/27-10/28)
  • The Cruise House of Screams in Concord (10/26-31)

San Jose events:

  • Dead Time Dreams (9/28-11/3)
  • Winchester Mystery House “Halloween Candlelight Tour”   (10/27)

Hope I helped you figure out what to do on Halloween. Have a Happy Halloween and eat as much candy as you can!