Close Game For PVHS Football Team

“It was a game for the books…. so epic!”



Stephanie Jimenez and Gina Gallia

Bleachers overflowed with students, parents, and staff eager to witness a close game between the Pinole Valley Spartans and the DeAnza Dons. The game had an incredible atmosphere with so much school spirit in the air, along with confidence in our football team that surely everyone felt. 

DeAnza was definitely a hard team to beat and they definitely put up a great fight making it an interesting game. Spartan JV left it at a tied score of 20-20. They still managed to hype the crowd although they encountered a rough patch. On the other hand, Varsity picked up the momentum and managed to obtain a victory against the Dons with an outstanding play within the last second by Spartan quarterback, Demari Davis. One second was left on the clock when Davis ran the ball into the end zone on a tricky, well planned out play that the team had been working on. The crowd went absolutely crazy and rushed onto the track after the play was made.  The super Spartans took the victory with a final score of 27-21 making their record a clean 6-0. That’s how we roll in Pinole this football season!


*Be sure to make it to this week’s homecoming game vs the Jesse Bethel Jaguars*