Another Big Win For The Spartan Football Team

“I’m confident in my team.”

Photo by Natalie Elischer

Gina Gallia and Stephanie Jimenez

Deuker Field came to life yet again at Pinole Valley High School when they played expected toughest team of the season, the Martinez Alhambra Bulldogs last Friday. Both teams put up a fight out there, but the Varsity Spartans came out on top, making their record a spectacular 4-0, which hasn’t happened in years! JV, on the other hand, didn’t have an ending as happy as Varsity’s, but it was still a great game. The final scores: super close for JV (21-20) and a not so close score for Var (36-14)  

Pinole’s tremendous momentum just keeps on growing for our super Spartans and it’s a great thing to be a part of. Football player Jason Payton (#2) was interviewed post-game and said, “This win feels amazing, especially after our season last year. I have always had faith in this team and with the amazing new team we have now, we became a family. We are brothers and we always stick together. Before school, at lunch, after school, at practice and all that. We feel unstoppable now, but we gotta stay humble of course.” Like Coach Bodwin said, “I’d rather be undefeated at the end of the season than the beginning.”

Pinole Valley is definitely a diamond in the rough.  It may be a small school full of only portables, but it managed to bring a group of boys together to create a family, and on top of that, they currently hold an undefeated record!  Not only has football grown at PV, but so has school spirit. The bleachers remain more packed than ever and the cheer squad has more girls this year! Jenna Quintero (junior) said, “It’s amazing how one night can bring so many people together. We were all cheering and chanting for our team. It was so nice to feel such great unity. Go Spartans!!!!”  Jenna said it perfectly. The fans and teams Friday night were truly united.

The joy and spirit that this team brings to the school are at an all-time high and hopefully it’ll soar on up from here. Student Tyler Collins (Senior) said, “The air in that place was unreal and the hype was amazing for the players and the fans. It was a genuine Friday night lights feel-good situation and I love being a part of it !” The air was feeling good because the Spartans knew Alhambra was going to be a tough team to beat, and when the touchdowns were racking up, the energy became palpable.

Another game for the books here at Pinole Valley and there is a good chance there are more great games to come! So be sure to be at the next one! The Spartans football schedule will be linked down below. Definitely check it out!

4-0 feels great–let’s make it 5, Spartans! That’s how we roll in Pinole this football season!

Come support the Spartans this Friday vs the Vallejo Redhawks in Vallejo!,ca)/football/schedule.htm


Pinole Valley Football Players In Action
Photograph by Natalie Elisher