Coach Bodwin Interview

“What matters is where we are at the end of the season.”


Stephanie Jimenez, Staff Writer

Pinole Valley’s football team, the mighty Spartans, have an outstanding three-game winning streak. This Friday afternoon on the Deuker Field, they come face to face with the competitive Alhambra High.

We spoke to the Spartan coach, Luke Bodwin, for his thoughts about tonight’s game. According to Coach Bodwin, it is the first time they play against the Alhambra Bulldogs of Martinez and he believes they will be a tough opponent to beat but that it can be done. Coach Bodwin was humble about what his team has accomplished so far as a team. Sure, being undefeated up to now is great! But he believes it is not a significant achievement until they end the season strong.

We asked the Spartan coach to give more information about his team as a whole. He explained how this year they have had many new players join the football program. The new players have given the team a huge boost on the field and in their team chemistry. Bodwin also told us that the seniors, who have put in a lot of work and dedication, are earning their wins due to their efforts. His thoughts on improvements are learning how to get out of their own way since the team can be their own opponent. The sky’s the limit, according to Bodwin and their legacy is still being written as each chapter is added. The team is diverse and has a strong bond, making the mighty Spartans a team who consider each other to be family.

Listen to the complete audio interview with Coach Bodwin below.

Do not miss tonight’s game! It is going to be a tight game that will make everyone’s adrenaline boost up!

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Tickets with ASB card: $5

Tickets without ASB: $7

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