Humans Of Pinole Valley

Rose Figueroa, Staff Writer

“I made it a tradition that every time I go to a concert I always make sure I buy a shirt. I buy these shirts because every time I put these pieces of clothing over my head and on my body I remember the feelings I felt during this concert. Wow, I am about to cry just thinking about this.  It’s just a way for me to reconnect and relive these moments again. Now my necklace, this was given to me by my grandma for my Quinceanera. It has a sunflower on it and it reminds me that my grandma loves me. As far as my pants go I always cuff my pants on sunny days, rainy days, everyday really. My socks have unicorns on them and they’re pink, I love expressing myself through colorful socks. It’s just another way to add style, you will never catch me wearing white socks a day in my life. For my shoes, I just love that they’re so crazy print. It’s original, no one else wears shoes like these and that’s why I like them so much. I also always have a Wonder Woman figure on my lanyard and a picture of my brother. I just love how empowering Wonder Woman is for girls all over and I just love my brother.” -Pinole Valley Student