Afterlight 2 Review


Jessica Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Afterlight 2 is a photo editing app available on all smart phones. It cost approximately $2.99 and today I will be telling you my honest opinion on it.

Is it worth it?

I’ve had this app for about a week now and I honestly do think it is worth it if you want to expand your horizon with photo editing. It gives you so many new features to improve the quality of your pictures. In no way does it compare to expensive editing software, but you can tell there is a major difference from free photo editing apps to this one.

The pricing

To be fair the pricing seems unreasonable at first. You may be thinking, why would I want to pay 3 dollars for an app when I could go buy  food or 2 items at the 99 cents store. Which is true, and if you have this mindset I wouldn’t recommend this app. However if you are willing to pay for the app you will soon realize you get a lot for your money. The app is constantly making updates, and like I said before has a lot of features that free photo editing apps cannot do!


I’ve been mentioning the features this app has but haven’t really explained what they are. Now I will be going into detail on what exactly makes this app worth it. To being with you have your basic tools like straightening your image, cropping it, fixing the brightness, adjusting the saturation, etc. The things that make this app unique is the variety of filters. The filters can make your images pop with colors or go in the opposite direction and make it black and white. With the help of the grain and dust tool, you can make your photo seem old and vintage. Which to me is what really makes this app amazing. If you are not into those type of photos the tools of light, selective saturation, selective hue, and curves will allow you to make the photo seem more modern.


Like I said before Afterlight is worth it. I love how all the features and tools allow you to completely change the way your photos look. You can spend hours discovering new ways to improve your pictures in a way you never thought possible. If you are not sure about the price and are looking for a similar version, download Afterlight (1).