How safe is the water that you’re drinking?

How safe is the water that you’re drinking?

Gina Gallia, Staff Writer

It’s no secret that our portable based campus pumps white water through our drinking fountains and sinks all over the school, but don’t you want to know what that milky looking liquid coming from the pipes beneath us is and is it safe? If you do, I got the answer right here for you. Shockingly, the infamous white water is actually completely harmless!

After some research and a long conversation with an online drinking water specialist I found out there could be two likely causes of this white water issue. First, and most common, would be air bubbles. I know what you’re thinking, “How does air cause water to be white?” right.  It’s simple actually! When it gets chilly outside air gets mixed in with the water which simply causes the water to look like straight up milk. The second possible reason could be from little particles that have built up and get suspended in the water supply. This can also cause the water to leave some grit in the bottom of the sink or fountain, which is harmless but still is aesthetically displeasing to anyone with intention to take a sip.

Again, both of these potential causes are completely harmless!

Does that mean I’m going to drink it or use it to fill up my CupNoodles? Probably not, but I hope this makes you feel better about the water flowing through our campus!