Artist Review: Cuco

Artist Review:  Cuco

Kevin Ruano Hernandez, Staff Writer

19-year old, Omar Banos, otherwise known him by his stage name, Cuco is an Chicano artist from Hawthorne California. He is a Mexican- American artist who is known for his Experimental pop Ballads in English and Spanish. He has 2 albums and 1 EP out from 2016 and the way to 2017. My favorite album is Songs4u. The album is an groovy melody with a great touch of his Chicano Style taste. He explains in a interview once that he was part of the marching band at school and that’s when he got hooked on music for the first time by producing and learning how to play different types of instruments. He got co-signed by Kevin Abstract, lead singer of Brockhampton and the leader of his own clothing brand. His talent got him fame and glory for other Chicanos around California and nationwide playing pop Mexican music. His recent EP is called “Sunnyside” that talks about a girl that he’s falling for and missing. The link is here below: