Swim Team starts off new Season with a splash!

Ryan Armstrong, Staff Writer

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Jim Ulversoy and Pat Malaga, Pinole Valley High School’s Swim team’s coaches, have been very busy training their swimmers day after day preparing them for tomorrow’s meet at John Swett. Everyday many students of Pinole Valley High School meet at Contra Costa College to practice for these meets for 2 hours a day. These practices allow them to learn new strokes, improve on their swims, and gain a very good workout.

Many students around Pinole Valley have shared their opinion about swim with me. Senior, Maddie Potts says, “Swim pushes me and makes me a better water polo player.” Many water polo player join swim for this exact reason. The conditioning is great and helps you stay in shape if you are planning on doing other sports. Another swimmer, Millie Hancock, a freshman at PVHS tells me, “I like swim because I love being part of a competitive team and I have made lots of friends on the team.” Joining the team will allow you to make lots of new friends. Relaying with friends, hanging out with people at long meets, and practicing with them day after day gets you comfortable with a great group of people, that can turn into some lifelong friends.

If you are interested in joining swim or wanting to try it out, I highly recommend coming down to the pool and trying it out. Jim Ulversoy welcomes everyone with open arms, and will put you in a group that best fits your swimming ability. It is very fun and the competitions will have you wanting to get better and better. Practice is 4:00-6:00, Monday through Friday, at Contra Costa College Pool. Join Today!