Places in the Bay-Sol Food


Rose Figueroa, Food Writer

This new segment will include what I consider to be some of the best places to visit for those living in the Bay or simply just visiting. The segment will cover anything and everything that isn’t too “mainstream.” For today’s segment, I have chosen to highlight one of my favorite restaurants, Sol Food. Sol Food is located in San Rafael and it serves Puerto Rican dishes. Sol Food is not only known for its amazing food, it is also famous for its vibrant style and cultural decorations.


Sol Food is usually busy – I have yet to visit and not stand in line, this requires some patience! It is definitely worth it. If you come anytime after 11 the line becomes a lot longer, but surprisingly, it goes by very quickly. There are also some thrift stores nearby, if your party doesn’t mind you leaving for some time- you can leave someone in line while you browse. Other than that, once you order, the food arrives fairly fast.

The line outside of the restaurant

This Puerto Rican restaurant is definitely known for its eccentric style. The building is colored in a lime green color that is undeniably noticeable from  far.  The Puerto Rico flag is hung proudly throughout the restaurant celebrating the owner’s culture and heritage. This place is a beautiful tribute to  the Puerto Rico community. When you walk in, you are greeted by a wonderful array of colors. There are pictures throughout the restaurant of the founder’s childhood in Puerto Rico, this unique feature captures the hearts of many and leaves an upbeat mood. The dining space has many colorful doors, platanos, plants, lights, paintings, and bongos. All of these factors make the customer feel as if they are actually in Puerto Rico.

Some of the beautiful designs


The food at Sol Food is outstanding! My personal recommendation is the “Nino Pobre” also known as the “Poor Boy sandwich.” Let me tell you, there is nothing poor about this sandwich- despite its name. The sandwich contains deep fried shrimp, tomatoes, lettuce, and a cilantro-lime mayonnaise  served on warm french bread. You can add  a couple of drops of their delicious and zesty “secret sauce” available on the tables or for purchase at the front cash register (seriously, add the sauce!). This sandwich is hands down one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had. I also would recommend there deep fried platano chips which contain an amazing sauce that perfectly compliments the dish. If you’re in the mood for a salad, you can add a side salad to your main dish.

This restaurant does not disappoint.












Platanos pictured on top and the Nino Pobre pictured on bottom.


This restaurant is slightly on the pricey side. For myself alone I typically spend about $20 here. This is not McDonald’s , this is fresh, made to order, deliciousness. The price is worth the quality of food you are receiving. Next time you’re looking for something good to eat and you want to treat yourself, go to Sol Food.

One of my personal favorite part of the restaurant- this hilarious letter framed outside of Sol Food!