After the Storm–Kali Uchis

Kevin Ruano Hernandez, Music Reviewer

In the music community, Kali Uchis an Colombian- American singer dropped the single “ After the Storm” with Tyler the Creator and 1980’s funk rapper Bootsy Collins. This song is based Fool’s Paradise due out in 2018 Spring. The song is about Kali Uchis empowering strength and ambition towards cloudy day, with the verse,”So if you need a hero (if you need a hero), Just look in the mirror (just look in the mirror), No one’s gonna save you now, So you better save yourself.” When Tyler’s verse comes through, he mentions his Flower Boy album stating,” ‘Cause I’m the hottest flower boy, that popped up on the scene.” He’s also stating his recent album was one of the hottest to hit charts. Then after some people noticed that he says “The Tito to my Randy,  now let’s produce some thriller.” the reference itself is how Tyler wants a slick tight relationship with Kali and to continue making music from time to time. And it cuts to Kali with her verse to cut the cloudy theme to a sunny flower mellow field. My opinion on this song is strong. It helps you overcome things such as finals, if you got a bad test score and you really can’t get over it, next time when finals pass by then you’ll do your best and try and achieve a A+.