Movie Review: The Greatest Showman


Natalie Elischer, Staff Writer

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This rating should be expected with a musical, right? All of the songs are catchy, melodic, and entice emotion. This isn’t a surprise, with the song writers being Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, who worked on La La Land and Dear Evan Hansen.




This movie aces the feel of a Broadway show. From the songs, to the impeccable choreography, to the pacing, you feel as if you’re in a theater. It can be jarring if you were expecting a regular movie plot outline, but it’s great going in with the understanding that this isn’t your typical movie.




Although this is a true story, some facts are changed to fit the narrative, which is totally fine. It’s predictable in some areas, but it’s such a fun movie you won’t end up caring. The subplots were just as entertaining as the main story, which is something that’s very hard to do. (eyeing Star Wars: TLJ)




Woohoo, all the characters were super fun and engaging, including the entire cast of the circus. All of them aren’t one dimensional and they all have a story. With a cast including Hugh Jackman, Zendaya, Zac Efron, and Michelle Williams, you’ll have no problem with acting. I wish that some characters had interacted with each other more, but hey, when you gotta stuff a couple of years into an hour and forty-five minutes, you get a couple passes.




The Greatest Showman is a good movie, and not much else has to be stated. Their marketing team was great, the trailers were cut astoundingly and their content on YouTube (including dance tutorials) was a smart move. If you like musicals, you’re definitely going to purchase some songs after watching this. Some of the cinematography used, specifically with Zendaya’s character, Anne, was very well done. Make sure to pay attention to sound when watching this; the silence in this film is symbolic. This is an enjoyable movie for any age so I encourage you to see it if you haven’t already!