What Will 2018 Bring?

What Will 2018 Bring?

Gina Gallia, Staff Writer

Are you ready for 2018?  Here is a look through your horoscope to find out what 2018 will bring!



 2017 was oddly the best and worst year for you all at once and well, in 2018 be prepared for the same roller coaster. This is not necessarily a bad thing though, Aries. Throughout 2017 you were handed many opportunities to grow and learn so much and these lessons will become useful to you here in 2018. Some months will be hectic and some may be chill but remember, you won’t be given anything you can’t handle. You are a natural born leader so keep your eyes on the road ahead this coming year because you will make many discoveries to help you grow even more and it will leave you feeling grateful for even the most difficult challenges you have faced.



 In 2017 you may had come to realize that you are have a tendency to be too conservative and not completely 100% yourself. Well taurus think of this upcoming year as a new fresh start to show people who you really are. You will quickly grow to feel internally stronger and brighter this year and this is going to mean a lot to you and those around you. Last year may have been a tough year for you in some ways but this year as long as you stay true to yourself you’ll be able to overcome the challenges you may face. Continue along this path in 2018 and there will be nothing that can stop you from getting what you work for.



 Happy holidays Gemini ! Now lets face it, you’re looking forward to the new year and a fresh start just like everyone else. 2017 was not your year in many ways but look, you managed to get through it and that’s a huge accomplishment. Now it’s almost 2018 and all those questions you’ve been asking may be answered for you in 2018. You are a great multitask-er and that will come in handy for you come February and it’s your time to shine. Along with that, you’ll learn how to cope with a slower pace in life and it will help you enjoy 2018 since you sped through 2017. Relax and prepare to look at the world in  a new perspective this upcoming year



Your dreams are coming closer to reality as 2018 approaches Cancer and this should excite you. You can be a very sensitive person and last year when it didn’t come true you may have been disappointed but don’t let that bring you down because 2018 has got something big in store for you! It may not come instantly or all at once but just be patient even though you definitely aren’t the patient type even though you like to think you are. Don’t take your impatience as a bad thing because little time gets wasted.

2018 will help you work towards the things you want in a different way than you are used to so get ready to feel a change in rhythm this new year! Let it happen and you’ll come to see that it was definitely worth waiting for after all.



 You tend to be the type of person to brighten up someone’s day and that effect on people will continue to occur into 2018. You are optimistic and see anything as possible. This upcoming year is going to be a bit of a challenge for you but you need to see it as an opportunity for growth and development. Just keep your head held high, Leo and use your determination to accomplish what you need to get done. Through this new paths will be discovered leading you to new experiences to broaden your horizons and this is a good thing for you! You should feel ready to take a new path which may lead you to a much better place, Enjoy the new year Leo. This one is all yours!



 In 2017 you  may have came to the conclusion that people see you in a different way than you see yourself but that may be because they don’t know you. In 2017 you had many chances to raise your voice but you didn’t take all available to you. This upcoming year is your time to take full advantage of those opportunities and to own who you are and embrace it. You are mainly driven by your goals which is great but don’t forget who you are along the way, Find yourself and let it be known and then accomplishing your goals will come easier than it seems. Again, Take advantage of this new year Virgo. Make the best of 2018 !



 You have always been the mediator in every situation and that has taken a toll on you in 2017. You’re always there for people and in 2018 that good karma will come back to you. But, as you enter the new year you may feel out of balance but trust yourself and your struggles will fade and those who you were there for will be there for you to help you out. Maintain your positivity into the New Year and expect great things to come your way.



 The new year is coming up Scorpio and you should be excited. You’re a different person than you were at the start of 2017 and now this new year you get to show off who you are and expand your horizons, During 2017 you began to become more open to people and you’re going to love the new experiences you encounter because of that! Don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone because you’re still in the process of finding yourself. Growth is a never ending process for you so in this upcoming year don’t close yourself off like you used to. Enjoy the new year Scorpio!



 You have high expectations this new year because 2017 was not your year in many ways. Stay optimistic because that’s the best thing for you. This is your year to explore and take action! In 2018 a pathway will open to opportunity and don’t let it close. Be open to new things and you’ll end up discovering more than you think ! Be ready to encounter new things because one thing will lead to another. Stay optimistic and don’t let anything from the past year hold you back because 2018 is your year of opportunities. Enjoy!



 A new year just means a new year to you but think of it as more than that. Last year went very quickly for you and that shocked you but it was because you had a very busy year.  You are an innovator with great leadership abilities that you should apply to this upcoming year. You are very independent and that’s great but you should take the new year as an opportunity to open yourself up to other people and allow other people to be part of your experience. It will be a nice change. You are sometimes very laid back but you had little time for it this year so in 2018 reconnect with that part of yourself. Enjoy things as they come to you. Try and stay relaxed as much as you can and things will begin to slow down. A New Year should mean new opportunities to you so remember, kick back and enjoy things as they come your way!



This year has been one interesting roller coaster of a year for you. The current situation you are in right now may feel like it will never end but trust yourself and it will. You went through a lot in 2017 and you weren’t able to express yourself like you would like to but 2018 is your time to shine. During the tough times you developed a deeper understanding of things and you needed that. It fueled your motivations and you will be unstoppable this upcoming year! Don’t let one individual effect you from being yourself because you have the power to be so much more than you think. Stay focused and don’t be afraid you express your true self this new year Aquarius.



 So last year didn’t go exactly as planned but that may have been because you spent more time dreaming than doing. Think of 2018 as an opportunity to get those dreams in the works of accomplishments! Get ready for a progressive year , Pisces! Make sure you take advantage of your opportunities this upcoming year and don’t let obstacles bring you down! Taking advantage of what comes your way will lead to a buildup in your confidence as well and that’s a great thing for you. Don’t be afraid to shine this year and dedicate yourself to being the best you can be!