Movie Review: Justice League


Natalie Elischer, Staff Writer


Justice League Movie Review




Yeesh. Yeah, this was pretty bad. It was mostly the beginning that I remember, the last half was okay. That robbery scene? The music did not fit the tone at all and it draws the audience from being immersed in the world, which is the last thing that you want to do.

Action/Comic Book


It was all pretty solid action. Nothing too wrong with it. My favorite action sequences by far have to be Batman’s, which seem to be pulled straight from the comics. The CGI has to be improved in the future, though. Wonder Woman’s was entertaining as usual and the scene (you know, the scene) where the Flash is running and he turns and looks at him. Very good. The Amazons and the battle from the past saved this.




I had to think about what it was for a second. I knew that this might be a Suicide Squad situation, and I was fine with it. All I cared about was the world building aspect and how the characters interacted. Don’t go for the plot, go for the ultimate power of friendship.




Woohoo, another A! Most of the character’s strong points stem from the fact that they’ve had previous movies. The Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman stood out regardless. All performances were great, Henry Cavill had a little accent slip, but we can let that slide. I’m not even going to talk about the villain because honestly I don’t remember his name. Also, don’t get me wrong, I love Amy Adams but her typecast for me has always been an innocent, ditsy princess. Enchanted ruined it for me, man. Spoilers below!

The reason Superman was all crazy when he came back was because of Zack Snyder’s take on the movie. He was going to go for a black suit superman story line, where he went insane and rogue. When Snyder had a family emergency Joss (Bleh) Whedon took over and scrapped that.




Okay, yeah, so it wasn’t that good. Me saying that is purely based on a standard movie rating. Comic book wise? They pretty much nailed it in a lot of parts. I hate that every scene I winced at had traces of Joss Whedon’s little man claws all over it. That Wonder Woman full butt shot? The one that doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination? I wonder who put that in… At least he was fired from the Batgirl project. All of the re shoots were completely obvious and geeze, you’d think that you’d spend a bit more money on the CGI when all your characters, set pieces, and villain need it. Barry runs like he’s broken both of his ankles and he’s lost control of the lower half of his body. Do not get me started on Batman’s cape in the beginning. The jokes were fifty-fifty, some landed while others fell flat. Nothing super phenomenal in the cinematography department. It’s a whole mess and a half and I still loved it. I love all of those characters and they were mostly true to the comics. You should see this if you like team building movies where they don’t start a miniature war over disagreements that could be solved within twenty four hours if everyone had just talked about it like grown ups and not endangered the public with their fits.