Is fishing the best way to pass time? (Pt. 2)


Justin Trujillo, Staff Writer

I once again found myself fishing. My last fishing article didn’t give a definitive answer, but I hope to get one this time around. I will go more in-depth trying to figure out what a pastime/hobby even is, or what is defined as one as well as giving my experience fishing at a different location.

Instead of Point Pinole, I went to Point San Pablo. Yes, Point San Pablo does exist. By taking I-580 and getting off right before you enter the San Rafael Bridge toll plaza, you will be taken to Point San Pablo. I went to a specific section called Point Molate Beach. While it was called a beach, it definitely wasn’t a beach the way Baker Beach or Ocean Beach is in SF. Due to it being considered a beach, I don’t think we were even supposed to be there since we don’t have fishing licenses, but let’s pretend we did for the sake of the story.

I went with my friend Eric like I usually do and we stayed there for around 5 hours. I was completely new to this area but I must say, it was a great place for fishing. We actually ended up catching something. My only complaint of the whole experience was probably the fact that there was no shade and the sun was hitting us the entire time. If you’re okay with the sun, I highly recommend this area for fishing (if you have a fishing license of course).

As I was saying, we caught fish! 2 different types of fish. First, Eric caught a pretty big Jacksmelt. It didn’t put up much of a fight compared to the other thing we caught. I managed to catch a pretty big Striped Bass. The feeling of reeling something in is like no other feeling. This was my first fish and after around 7 attempts since the summer. It was a relief to finally catch something. Eric took them home and had his mom cook them up later.

Now that I have achieved fisherman status, using my knowledge and the internet, I think I can now answer if fishing is the best way to pass time. While drafting my previous fishing article, I wrote down some ideas I’d come back to later; now is later.


1. an activity that someone does regularly for enjoyment rather than work; a hobby.

Fishing is often considered a hobby but so is listening to music. You can listen to music while fishing. I’d say over half of the things on Wikipedia’s list of hobbies I can do while fishing. I can listen to music while fishing, I can take pictures while fishing, I can rap while fishing. The list goes on and on. Maybe some things are kind of ridiculous like making coffee while fishing or 3-D printing but I have an open mind, so why not make coffee or 3-D print while fishing.

If fishing is considered a hobby and I can do other hobbies while fishing, fishing is a fantastic way to pass time. As a hobby alone, I don’t think fishing is the best. I believe fishing paired with music, a book, and/or people you care about is the best way to pass time.