How to Be Productive During Distance Learning


Jessica Tran, Staff Writer

During this time, many students are feeling vulnerable, unmotivated, upset, sad, bored, etc. For some people, home is an environment where most feel calm, relaxed, lazy, generally a surrounding where they feel at peace and comfort. They often don’t associate their house as an environment where they must complete tasks usually done in a productive place or area. If you are one of those people and are currently feeling unproductive and have no drive whatsoever to do your online work, then feel free to consider some of these helpful or not helpful at all suggestions. 

-Work Schedule- Creating a schedule for when you should start or finish your task, allows you to stay organized and on task. I recommend that you experiment with time. For example, in the first week of distance learning, I started my work around different times and payed close attention to when my productivity is at its peak, when it slows down, etc. to determine the best time and ensure my work meets my standards of quality. 

-Sleep- Sleeping is important because after a long night of rest, you wake up feeling energized. Going to bed early is a great way to make sure you are refreshed and ready to start doing work the next morning. If you are a night owl like I am, sleeping around 12-1:30 A.M. still allows me to not only get up early, but also feel productive. 

-Music- Listening to music while doing boring or interesting assignments is a great option to boost your mood to tackle long hours of doing work. 

-Look at the big picture- One thing that I highly recommend is looking at the big picture. You may have hours of work, but think about how this will benefit you in the future. Waking up early for school can get tiring and most likely decreases your productivity, rushing to complete assignments on time, being late for school, teachers you dislike, etc. can leave you feeling unrelieved. Now you can take advantage of all this free time to catch up or get ahead of everyone. 

-Think about what you would be doing if there was no work- -On days when I don’t feel like doing anything, I think about what I would be doing if there wasn’t any work to do, bored, doing online assignments passes time. Binge watching shows from Distance Learning, snacking, TikToks, long naps, and online shopping until the next school year begins will eventually get boring!

Well, you’ve reached the end of my suggestion list and hopefully you found something that’s worth considering or doing that will allow you to be productive until the 2019-2020 school year is over. Good luck!