Valentine’s Day Plans Ideas

Jessica Tran and Elana Ignacio

Valentine’s Day is coming closer and some of us won’t have a Valentine, but hey! If you’re spending Valentine’s Day alone, then we have a couple of ideas on how you should spend your Valentine’s Day and make the most out of it. Why not spend the day meant for celebrating love with some of the most important people in your life? Who doesn’t want that? This is when your friends come in of course! Here are a few suggestions on how to spend Valentine’s Day with some of the people that you treasure in your heart.

-Indoor Roller Skating- A once popular hobby during the 1970s, when Disco music was popular, indoor roller skating was the way to go if anyone was looking to share some laughs and memorable moments with friends. If you really want to pretend like you’re in the 1970s, search for some disco style clothing sold at thrift shops to shine bright like the disco ball at the indoor skating rink!



-Arcades- Another blast from the past is from the ‘Golden Age’ of arcade games, arcades! Visiting arcades with friends is another way to share valuable moments with some of the people you love. Dress yourself up in 1970s or early 1980s inspired clothing and strike a pose at the arcade with bright lights in the background, and take pictures! Or you can enjoy the moment and play arcade games with friends.



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Sunflowers field landscape and sunset sky

-Visit a Sunflower Field- Who doesn’t love sunflowers, especially a field of sunflowers during golden hour? The sun is about set, the clouds in the sky are changing colors from white to a more pastel pink and blue color, you’re staring in awe of the beauty of the vibrant yet somehow soft yellow color of the sunflowers glowing right in front of your eyes, then a cold light breeze of air blows past you. Doesn’t that sound fun and peaceful? Grab your closest buddies and go on a road trip with them to the nearest sunflower field and take fun pictures of each other or take in the beauty of the sunflowers around you and have a picnic. 


-Netflix with Friends- Ah, finally! A low budget idea. Binge watching romcoms and movies about romance with friends on Valentine’s Day is the way to go if you want to be reminded that you will be forever alone. But, here’s another idea to help you rub off the reminder of your loneliness, and that is to make snacks for your movie marathon! Popcorn, chocolate dipped strawberries, cookies, cakes, etc. make great snacks to munch on. *P.S., we don’t recommend you use food to wipe your tears* To add some flavor, spice, a kick, to your romance movie binging marathon, is to add some K-Drama (Korean Dramas) to your list! Two shows that we highly recommend are “Strong Girl Bong Soon” and “Love Alarm”, which are two great romance K-Dramas.

So, now that you have a couple of ideas on how you should spend the day of love, Valentines Day with friends, you should probably pick up your phone and start making plans.