How to avoid getting sick!


Aracely Cruz, Staff Writer

It’s the sick season. Of course, all seasons are sick seasons. It seems most people get sick at this time of the year. And this year, there is the added threat of the coronavirus. You’ll need to take care of yourself, especially now that new sicknesses are spreading. But, you’ll most likely not catch anything if you stay healthy! In this Spartan Ink article, I will tell you how to avoid catching anything you don’t want.

Okay, so first thing’s first, you need to stay clean. Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands! Wash your hands with soap after you do things. For example, some things that have a LOT of germs are things like doorknobs, stair railings, desks, chairs, books, and even money. A lot of other people touch those things–and you don’t know what type of gunk their hands have! Ah, and we all know that sometimes the school bathrooms run out of hand soap. I suggest you get a small bottle of liquid hand soap, and you can share it with friends!

Hand sanitizer is also a good way to stay clean. It kills the germs and gets the job done, although you should always wash your hands. There are also scented hand sanitizers if you like scented stuff! You should always clean your hands before you eat. You wouldn’t want to ingest all of those germs! I also suggest you bring hand sanitizer, any size, for yourself and others if you decide to share.

Staying hydrated is a must. The recommended amount of water a day is two liters. The reason why staying hydrated helps you stay healthy is it helps your body fight infections. It also stops you from feeling dizzy and getting headaches. You should also eat fruits and vegetables, they help you stay healthy. You can find recipes online for meals with vegetables!

I interviewed two of my amazing friends for their thoughts and opinions on the new coronavirus. 

First, I interviewed Banana 2.O (May O. for those who would like to know XP), who is a junior at Pinole Valley High, about her thoughts on the coronavirus.

“I know what the coronavirus is. I feel so bad for the people who live in Asia because this is pretty much an opportunity for people to be even more racist towards them. I’m a little scared of catching it because there are cases in the Bay Area. I won’t do much safety-wise.”

Then, I interviewed a friend that went to Richmond High, now homeschooled, about her thoughts. The person I interviewed is Karina V., who is a freshman, about her thoughts on the coronavirus. 

“I know about the coronavirus and I think it is horrible that people are dying at an alarming rate as the virus spreads more and more and that it could affect anyone. I am afraid of catching the virus so, to stay safe, I will stay home and take care of myself to make sure I don’t get sick.”

It is important to stay clean, so please remind others to stay clean! You can share your items in between a group of friends so that it’s easier to stay clean. I hope this helps a bit!