Inexpensive & Easy Gifts to Buy for Valentine’s Day

Ryu Credito and Jadeyn Wilson

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re struggling with what to get, whether it’s your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, etc., we have the perfect solution for you! Here are some simple gifts you can either buy or make quickly and easily, that will not cost you that much money!


Jumbo stuffed animals are a great and easy gift to get for someone! It can also be a less expensive way to make someone smile 🙂 All you need to do is go to your local store and purchase a stuffed animal. It’s that easy!


Although it may be cliche, roses are one of the best gifts to give someone on Valentine’s Day. You never know if they’re having a bad day, getting them roses can make their day worthwhile and brighten their mood. There are tons of places to get roses, but specifically, Trader Joe’s is the way to go. They sell roses along with a variety of different flowers.

Writing letters is a great way to express your emotions and let someone know how you feel on a special day. People love things that come from the heart and that are meaningful. Something as small as a letter may make someone feel very good inside. It is also an option that you can make at home, and could possibly cost no money at all! All you would need is some paper and something to write with.

A good thing to make for your significant other is chocolate-covered strawberries. I mean who doesn’t love chocolate-covered strawberries! It is also something you can do yourself, but you can also buy them from the store. It is more heartfelt if you make them yourself. All you would need is some strawberries and chocolate to melt. You can also decorate them how you like, such as adding sprinkles, or adding frosting on the outside.


If you are planning on getting more than one of the items, a good thing to think about is what you are going to put the items in. A basket or box can be an easy and cute way for all the items to be together and you can add some extra things they like in there too such as their favorite candy, gift cards, etc. A basket can make the items fit together really well and also it looks really nice.