Humans of Pinole Valley: Monica Zaldivar

Monica Zaldivar, Freshman, Team Member of Color Guard

Monica Zaldivar, Freshman, Team Member of Color Guard

Jessica Tran, Staff Writer

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“Color Guard is a sport where you toss flags up in the air and spin them to different genres of music, most of the time it’s usually band music. We express our emotions, what we feel about the music through our routine and flags. Sometimes, towards the end of the games, especially when we’re performing outside, my hand and fingers get really cold and it becomes difficult for me to catch my flag. But to overcome this problem, I began concentrating harder on what I was doing at that moment and so now it doesn’t really bother me anymore. It’s fun being on the team, but there’s always a risk of injury because you can easily catch your flag in the wrong way or hurt yourself. My favorite thing about my color guard team is that I am able to input my opinions and see them implemented in a way that is beneficial to the team. My favorite person on the team would probably be our captain, Miya.”– Monica Zaldivar, a freshman member of the Color Guard team.