How to Prepare for Super Tuesday Voting!

March 3 is Super Tuesday, when voters in California and many other states will vote in the Presidential Primary.

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March 3 is Super Tuesday, when voters in California and many other states will vote in the Presidential Primary.

It’s 2020 which means it’s an election year. This year Americans around the US will be voting for the next president. Here are some things you can do today to prepare and help bring change:

Pre-register or register to vote

On Tuesday, March 3rd, also known as Super Tuesday, it is election day. On this day the primaries will happen in California and many other states. It is a process in which people vote for a candidate to represent their political party. The candidate that wins the primary will face off against opponents in the general election which will happen in November of this year. The general election determines the next president.

So, if you are 16 or older you can preregister to vote in any election on or after your birthday. If you are 18 or older right now you can register to vote. I urge you to register today because the deadline to register in California is February 18th. Your registration must be postmarked or submitted electronically no later than this day. Remember election day is Tuesday, March 3rd so don’t wait any longer to register. For more information on requirements, registration, and deadlines visit the Secretary of State’s website.

Become a poll worker on election day

This is a great way to contribute to our community. If you are bilingual, that will be a great help to others on election day. If you are eligible in any way, I urge you to take this opportunity and apply. For more information about the qualifications, expectations, benefits, and to apply,  please visit the Contra Costa Country voting website.  

Call your representatives and advocate for change

Another thing you can do is call or email your local representatives to advocate for change in your community. Your local government representatives depend on where you live. Contra Costa County supervisor is John M. Gioia. Our assemblymember is Buffy Wicks. Our California State Senator is Nancy Skinner. Finally, Mike Thompson is our congressman, covering all of Pinole and many other cities around the area. 

One more thing…

When registering to vote, it is important to research candidates and political parties. Keep in mind everything that has been going on in this country. If we don’t do anything now to help bring change the consequences are clear. In 2016, about 43% of Americans didn’t vote. Let’s change that this year. Remember, voting makes a difference and every vote does count. So, let’s help bring change together!